DD #8 – November 8th 2013

Genesis 5, pt. 4, v. 21-32 — http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Genesis%205:21-32&version=GNV

Genealogies Pt. 3

Enoch — in Hebrew חנוך. “Deadicated” The name Enoch [חנוך] comes from the root חנך which means “to dedicate”. In the context of God taking him up before he died, he again is a man who truly lived up to his name. Imagine being so dedicated to God, to have such a close relationship that He calls you up before your time. That’s pretty awesome.

Methuselah — in Hebrew מתושלח. “Man of the dart” or “His death sends” Now I couldn’t nail down an exact meaning with this one, but the first makes sense in the context of Jeff A. Benner’s explanation, which was, that in the case of the second, the year Methuselah died was the same year of the flood, which matches with the second name. I think then that in that context, the first possible meaning could work as well.

Lamech — in Hebrew למך. It seems that no one has been able to fully dissect the meaning of this name, some thinking it means “low”, and others thinking that it is a name associated with power, referring back to when it was first used with the descendent of Cain. Don’t have an answer myself, as my Hebrew isn’t developed. But if you ever have a chance, here’s a fun topic to bring up with a pastor some time.

Noah — in Hebrew נוֹחַ. “To lead to rest” I’m not even going to get into this one, as every I had to say I said yesterday. So if you haven’t read DD #7 yet, head on over there for my spiel on Noah.

And that’s it for tonight folks! Hope this has been a blessing to all. Have a great weekend!

Cheers, and I’ll see you on the other side.

Cody, logging off.


One comment

  1. “His death sends” might be the better meaning for Methuselah if he died the year of the flood and he was a prophet…

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