DD #14&15 – November 14th&15th 2013

Genesis 6, pt. 6, v. 17-18 — http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Genesis%206:17-18&version=GNV

So here we God finally describing how he’s going to destroy the earth, saying that he would use a flood to destroy all life, or more literally, “-to destroy all flesh-”. Now, I’m not going to get into the debate about worldwide or local floods, as that’s a hefty essay which wouldn’t fit in the shorter format I’m try so desperately to keep to, but I’ll include a link to Answers in Genesis at the end of the devotional.

What I do want to focus on, is in v. 18, where God says that He will establish His covenant with Noah and his family. This is the first place where God talks about establishing a covenant with man. That’s a pretty historic moment in and of itself!
But beyond that, take some time, perhaps after you’re finished reading this, to think about the covenants God made in the Bible.
In this particular covenant (the details of which are in Gen. 8:21-9:17), God was speaking to Noah as the representative of all mankind. Just think about that for a second… All of mankind! Every last man, woman, and child after that day. That puts it into perspective doesn’t it? This was a big deal. And when you view the questions people ask, about why God doesn’t stop all the evil in the world (one of my favorite music artists, Lecrae does a nice piece on this in his song Truth, link at the bottom), this puts it in perspective. The question they should be asking, is why isn’t God wiping out everything on the earth… Because He promised not to! The covenant He made with Noah all those thousands of years ago, was that he would not treat us as our sins deserve, but show mercy to us. But God, being a just judge, had to punish someone for our sins. And who was willing to suffer that price? None other than His one and only Son. Jesus paid the price for our sins, because God promised not to wipe us out when we once again began to corrupt this earth with our wickedness. That is amazing grace; favor that we do not deserve.

So next time you see a rainbow, or heck, next time you wake up in the morning, or look outside your window, and you see light coming down, remember, each and every day we have was given to us by God, when what we deserve is worldwide judgement. Praise be to God that Jesus was willing to die for our sins.

Hope this has been a blessing to all!


AiG on the flood:

Lecrae: Truth

Genesis 6, pt. 7, v. 19-22 — http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Genesis%206:19-22&version=GNV

The last part of chapter six! Let’s dive in.

We see in v. 19-20 God again being very precise in His instructions to Noah (and it get even more precise in the next chapter!), in regards to the taking of the animals on the ark.

In the next verse, God tells Noah to take all foods that are good to eat, and I think we often forget this aspect of the flood as well. Noah wasn’t just saving all the animals, God has him here taking different kinds of edible plant life on board too. So that they would have food to eat, and I think, also to plant when they disembarked.

In the final verse, we see again, Noah’s absolute faith in God, which as I went over in DD #12 is really incredible.

That’s it for today! Tomorrow God-will-it, we’ll start on Chapter 7!

Hope this has been a blessing, and that y’all have a great day!

I’ll see you on the other side.

Cody, logging off.



  1. Good thoughts. But first covenant? What about the Adamic covenant?

    1. I thought of that, and I’m not sure about your version, but the G.S. didn’t translate the word covenant in the Bible before this one. I looked. 😉
      Which makes this the first place where He actually uses the word “covenant”.

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