DD #19,20&21 – November 19th,20th&21st 2013

Again! Sorry for taking so long. It seems like I am indeed coming down with something, and to add on top of that, I haven’t been sleeping well. But, thanks to a good ol’ mug of espresso, I’m cheerful and ready and roaring to go! So here’s hoping God-will-it that some of that pours itself into my writing!

Genesis 7, pt. 4, v. 10-12 — http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Genesis%207:10-12&version=GNV

So in v. 10, we see that the floodwaters have descended, and ascended (for those of you not familiar with the creationist p.o.v. in regards to how the flood occurred, I’ve included a link to AiG at the bottom), over the earth. I’m not sure if you consciously noted this when reading through this passage, but this verse directly backs up v. 4. God said to Noah seven days, and here you go! Seven days. This might not seem like a big thing, but I take this to be significant, especially from a literary standpoint. The fact that to Bible has small details like that nailed down, is pretty awesome. And I mean awesome. You can’t really attack the Bible from a literary inconsistency standpoint, at least from author to author. Because they were divinely inspired, you don’t see authors making mistakes in places like these, as you would see in most other forms of literature. I think that really speaks to the Bible’s authenticity. And as for inconsistencies between authors, most of the arguments I see or hear attack the doctrine, not the actual literary form itself. And the majority of those, if not all, can be explained with scripture interpreting scriptures. But that’s an article in and of itself, and I we don’t have the time or space to get into that here.

v. 11 actually partially explains what I was talking about previously in regards to the creationist’s p.o.v. to the flood, but AiG really gets into the scientific aspect, so I’ll leave that one to them. I’d also point out that this just reaffirms what I was just saying about the text being consistent and interpreting itself.

v. 12 informs us of the well known forty days and nights of rain, and here I’d encourage you to look back to DD #17, if you haven’t already read it, where I referenced hypercanes. Puts this into perspective.

That’s it for this section. Onwards!

AiG on the waters of the flood

Genesis 7, pt. 5, v. 13-16 — http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Genesis%207:13-16&version=GNV

v. 13 is really, really important. If you read DD #18, where I dived into the topic of incest, I didn’t reference this aspect, which is briefly brought up in v.7, because I knew that we’d be hitting this verse really soon. This will be the last time I talk about incest in regards to the Noahic era. Afterall, this verse nails the topic firmly the door and beats any false opinions out of it. Very soundly. If you haven’t read it by this point, I’ll summarize, it essentially states that Noah’s three sons each had a wife and brought them along (as per God’s instructions in 6:18). This means that the whole incest issue is done with. Pure and simple. Granted, I realize that for critics, there’s still probably questions or comments, but I’ll continue to quote reference myself, and ask that you jump back to DD #9, 10 & 11, which if you remember is my mini study on Man’s degeneration, I cover logic and the Bible. And that’s all I really have to say about this.

v. 14-16 are interesting as they also reinforce what I said in DD #16 about v. 2-3. So go check that out if you haven’t! Again we see that the Bible is a literary masterpiece. It reinforces itself, and is self sustaining. It truly is the Word of God.

And… onwards!

Genesis 7, pt. 6, v. 17-20 — http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Genesis%207:17-20&version=GNV

This section is just rockin’ awesome! I mean, the physics are really cool. While I know that the new film “Noah” is probably going to have as many doctrinal holes as swiss cheese, and be about as scriptural as Veggietales* is, I have to admit, I’ll probably watch it just to see them do the flood physics. With the technology we have today I expect nothing less than a very awesome showing of the flooding of the earth. That being said, I’ll wait until it comes out, and probably rent it, and I would advise all of my readers to do the same. I can tell you now, that Hollywood’s telling of any part of the Bible is going to be very hyped up, and deeply inaccurate, which in my mind is heresy, and even if it wasn’t, it’s in no way edifying to your mind. I mean, sure, watch the flood physics, but please, I beg you! Don’t waste your time watching something that will not be edifying to your relationship with God, or spiritually edifying.

Okay, back on topic, we see here the awesome and destructive power of the waters covering the earth. And this perfectly matches up with young earth theology, as it explains the rock layers as being built very quickly instead of over millions of years. But as always, AiG has a much more thorough explanation so check at the end for a link.

The last thing I’ll mention is v. 20, where it says, “Fifteen cubits upward did the waters prevail, when the mountains were covered.” Now for those who don’t know, 15 cubits as portrayed here is equal to about 11.4—12.6 feet. And I’m being generous on both sides of the scale, rounding down for the low estimate, and round up for the high one. Why is this interesting? Well, actually, I don’t see it as much interesting as I do awesomely staggering. Why? Well from a creationist’s p.o.v. the flood is what was responsible for forming the continents as they are now, as well as the various mountain ranges and oceans through the massive shifting in the tectonic plates. Now while we can’t say for sure that Mount Everest was as high or low now as at that time, imagine a mountain roughly that high not just being mostly, or completely covered by water, but having a staggering 11.4—12.6 feet of clearance. Now I don’t know the math, but barring the amount of water needed to reach the peaks, the amount that covered them, on a global scale, that much extra water which is sitting free and clear of any landmass, is a lot of extra water. Quite a bit of extra area space. And with that, I’ll leave God’s receding of all of the water to later studies. We truly serve an awesome and amazing God. I’ll include for y’all some links to what AiG has to say about the tectonic plates shifting. They do a much better job than I.

And that’s it! We’re caught up! Now I just have to see about staying there. Hope this has been a blessing to all!

Cheers and I’ll see you on the other side.

Cody, logging off.

*If you disagree with me on that one, I could tell you stories of the doctrinal strife VT raised in our home. Case in point, I actually thought as a young child (3, 4) that David brought his brothers pizza instead of bread and cheese! And I tried to debate my parents on it. As I’m sure you understand,  VT lost it’s spot in my regular viewing list- heck, it stopped being in my viewing list period. Regular or otherwise.

AiG on the rock layers

AiG on the tectonic plates


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