About me

Well… about me. What to tell?

I’m a nineteen year old Christian and aspiring creative & technical writer (with the current focus being on technical) living in Canada. A great country, even if you love little else but the weather.

Now… I could start a nearly incessant monologue about myself, but as that would only bore you to death, and essentially defeat the purpose of this blog, I’ll try to do my best to summarize.

I’ve lived in Canada my whole life, though I’ve never moved outside of Ontario. I’ve traveled through, and visited many locations on the east coast of the US and Canada, as well as the lovely, warm, tropical Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

I couldn’t possibly list all the stuff I read, watch, listen to, or do, so check out my “What I’m…” section! Hopefully you’ll find things both familiar and new. Got suggestions? I’d love to hear them.
In short however, I eat a wide array of foods, listen to a perpetually growing library of music, watch a extensive range of movies & tv shows, and play an extremely diverse collection of games, both on the computer and off. Seeing a pattern yet.
This diversity (and excitement to learn and experience new things) is a result of my perspective that I will not allow myself to be limited when describing what I enjoy by using the broad labels that society has created, because they restrict my ability to define what my interests are and why I’m interested in them. (i.e. I enjoy Vivaldi because I love violin music, not because I love classical music)

For sports, I don’t participate in much outside of the winter season, though ironically, I’ve never gotten into my country’s hockey culture, and to this day, I don’t watch it, though I play it casually from time to time. I also skate recreationally, and snowboard whenever I get the chance.

As far as work, nothing so far, that due in large part to the unfortunate (or fortunate depending on how you look at it) fact that I suffer with Chronic Abdominal Pain. This makes working most easily accessible minimum wage jobs rather impossible, unless I want to do more damage to myself.
That being said, I have no intention of letting life pass me by, hence this blog. Through it, I hope to cover a wide variety of subjects that fit within my interests, and build a level of notoriety that will bear testament to my ability as a writer, while hopefully giving my readers topics that entertain, encourage and compel.
Also, I volunteer whenever I can with my parent’s organization, ChristianGovernance (http://christiangovernance.com/), and have filled the role of their AV Specialist since 2011, having learnt the basics from volunteering with my church, which I still continue to do.

I have an incredible passion for seeing Christians capture this world for Christ, and that will no doubt play itself out in my writing. There are many areas that we [Christians] as a community should be on the forefront of, but are not. Sometimes, though not always, we dismiss them as being unimportant or wasteful (e.g. video games), don’t feel they’re worth the effort (e.g. journalism and politics), or simply don’t realize they’re an issue (e.g. pop fantasy and sci-fi literature).
Now I’m probably biased from the little knowledge I have, being only nineteen years old, and having much less experience than many of my elders who are closer to these issues. But considering the impact these things have through the medium of the internet, it’s very hard to find Christian’s focusing on these issues with dedication, let alone visible results.

I think that’s everything about me that’s relevant and in just six-hundred and nineteen words, which for me is practically a feat I might add!

Cheers, and see you on the other side.

Daniel “Cody” Bloedow, logging off.


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